Thursday, 24 May 2012

The YouTube Stars Concert 2012

Who in this world, doesnt know YouTube?
I am one of the user too, if you dont believe me try to search for my unbelievably dance video. hahahaha I do dance video cover with 2 other friends, and we cover some songs too. Embarrassing. LOL
YouTube opens my mind you know, that this world is big and full of talented people. Many stars made their first step by uploading their videos, example? Colbie Caillat, Ailee.
And soooo, they held a concert in Singapore. Joseph Vincent - this guy is extremelyyyyy hot!- Jason Chen, David Choi - my all time favorite-, Tiffany Alvord and Anna Free. And of course, I went :D
We took some pictures before entering the venue, but the promotor does not allow us to bring camera inside. Too bad really.
So I'm just gonna post our pre-concert pictures. :D

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