Friday, 24 August 2012

Dear you,  LOL
Nope i'm sorry i cant be romantic.. hahahaha at this time right now, i'm still waiting for you to reply my message. I hate waiting you to reply my text you know.. I'm worry something bad happen to you >:(
I guess you went poo poo again? cos last time you told me got stomachache -.-
I'm studying econs right now, and i guess by the time you read this we suppose to finish our exam, and I probably alrd fly back to Bali with my mom and dad.
You know, the idea of going back home for me is not completely excited as what it used to make me feel. Knowing that someone, *ehem yes im referring to you* is actually hoping to see me again really really.. mixed my feelings up. The fact that we are seperated miles apart, and can only text terrifies me like shit, but i know we can work this out! :) 3weeks, short if you enjoy it. LOL I want you to enjoy your 3 weeks without seeing a girl who constantly texting you, and keep talking about how fat she is or how bad her dark circle is. The more you enjoy, the faster time will passes by, trust me. Have fun in your Nanjing trip with your idiots,  but dont you dare look at other girls. I will make sure mariadi keep eyes on you B)
I love you, really do. I really wish we could work this relationship out, cos as i told you from the beginning,  I cant afford myself losing someone as great as you. Live has never been the same since we are together, and I really really thankful for that. I'm really looking forward of my future with you.
Ah, u replied already, but now u go bath zzzz 

Much Love, min min.


I love....

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