Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Hey fellows! It's 11.16 PM here in Singapore. My eyes are widely open, well actually I force them to. I need to study for my upcoming exam. I am really exhausted, you know ;( last night I slept at 3 AM in the morning to study. I am simply restless.
Couple hours ago, I chatted with some of my friends in Bali. They told me that they miss me. That no one in class made any noises like I used to do, or how they miss my weird sneeze. And you know what? It makes me super sad. I want to go back home. I want to go to the same school like I used to attend back then, I want to go with school bus, having my lunch with my cliques at canteen no matter how yucky the food is. I want to chat with my friends, live I mean, Face to face, I hate how I have to type my words, or how tiring it is to talk via skype because of the internet connection in Bali sucks. But, I told myself not to be so weak, and instead turn my sadness into something positive. I promise myself to be stronger, so my friends would never notice that I am sad. I dont want them to know how mixed-up my feelings are now. I want them to think that I am happy, just like what I was back then with them.

But still, for my dearest friends, I miss you heaps :') I cant wait till June!

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