Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sweet Escape!

Hello there, how are you? ;)
I hope you are fine.
So, this weekend my friends and I went to Underwater World @Sentosa. Woohoo, the plan wasn't planned actually ( ? ) I texted my friend Nikki in Saturday asking her whether she want to go somewhere, and she said yes. LOL of course she said yes ;D and after several considerations, we decided to go to Underwater World! EXCITED. the reason was very simple, we went there because we want to see fishes hahaha I know its a little bit silly but whatever.
Well, it is the first time I went there after years. I guess I was 9 years old when I last visited it. The place is not very large, kinda small actually, but I loveeee animals! so it doesnt really matter for me mehehehe My favourite is the jelly fish, they are so pretty <3 i am in love with them. then we went to Imbiah Lookout, we didnt do anything except eating hahahaha. We planned to go home after eating, but when we went to the taxi stand we saw the Siloso beach. We did take some pictures there, well is there anything else we could do since we dont have our beach attire.
It was a lot of fun. I love my friends and the place i live now. Or at least I am trying to love them ;D

Let me share some pictures here tehe

My friend, Nikki's hand tried to feed the Louhan and she got disappointed since no fish want to take her foods. LOL Poor Nikki.

Mind my face :D

Something-Worm !


My favourite Jelly Fishes! <3

4D shark! 



I am trying to jump, but turned out to be an epic fail . LOL

 Natasha-Nathasya (me :p)-Nikki-Mira

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