Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Beast Beautiful Show 2012 in Singapore.

I forgot to tell you that I went to Beast concert the other day. Well, I'm not that so-into-Korean but I know some of the groups. I cant lie, telling you I don't like Korean thingy, because I do. Who cant resist those porcelain skin, muscles and cute faces eh??
But from all of the groups, one of my favorite is Beast. I like them, simply because they are artists, not just performers. Nobody can beat their vocal for ballad songs as a group, i personally think. It's just my opinion, by the way ;)
So, I went to the concert with my sister. yes, just the two of us. LOL
Going to share some pictures here, hope other Beauties can enjoy them :)

Cute, hyunseung riding a bike <3

Please, mind my face.

 My favorite among all members, the Rapper, Jun Hyung.

And so the concert was ended. I'll see you again next year, Beast.

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