Wednesday, 14 March 2012

HOMEY + Jessica's Sweet Seventeenth Party


oh yes, I'm home!! I'm in Bali now. At my house, and typing this post in my own bed while cuddling with my favorite pillow ;) I am once again, the happiest human alive!
Well oh well, at first I wasn't planned to go home but when my dad skype me, he said he misses me and told me I should go home. Then, I got home. :D
My flight was on Thursday. It always sucks going on an airplane alone you know. I spent my time reading a new book that I bought in Time Traveler the other day, and plug my earphone into my ear. The flight was...manageable.
I'm really extremely superly (is this even a word?) EXCITED! Not only because I got to see my mom, dad and my friends, but also because one of my closest best friend, Jessica held her sweet seventeenth party! ;) I love party. oh, who doesnt?
 The party was awesome. I met some of my closest secondary school friends. I love them. Even though we are now separated, actually since I move to my higher secondary school, we are still close. I can tell everything to them, vice versa. I can always laugh as loud as I want, or even fart each other. Okay, talking about these, makes me miss them more so I should've just stop. Jessica, invited this Indonesian boyband called Fame. I was unfamiliar with them, actually. But because that was her seventeenth party, I downloaded their song, and even, memorize it. GEEZ. hahahahhahaha I cant stop laughing when I try to recall my madness that day.
So, I am just gonna share some photos that were taken by Jesica's friend. A very talented photographer ;)

Oh yes, her name was on that billboard. LOL and also, if you can see at the left corner was Kuta beach ;D

This was that Indonesian Boyband. ;) Jessica seems happy, doesnt she?

Please don't laugh at me. ;( they are too cute to not to take picture with. ahhaahahhaa                       

The birthday girl and I <3 I love you, Jes!

Sarita and I are the only one who look at the camera :D

Last but not least, happy birthday again Jes!!!! I wish you nothing but the best.

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