Monday, 7 May 2012

Mira's Birthday + Girls Night Out!


It's almost a month since my last post. Time flies, doesnt it? without you realize it suddenly another new month has come by. So, my school starts already. It's tougher and more challenging, it's difficult, but i'm still trying to hang in there. Sem 2 almost finished, so fast right? i will have my exam on 3 weeks time. i dont even know whether i'm ready or not.. so stressed out but I'm so lucky i have my friends here =D

This saturday was my friend, Mira, birthday! Nikki, Natasha and I decided to give a surprise...lolol we even sneaked out to her apartement's pool without the security knowing at 1 AM in the holy morning! It was fun! later after that we went for movie night in Shaw. Watching The Avenger, let me say it is good. But thats it.. oh well, mind me. It's just not my type of movie..
So here I took some pictures, hope you can enjoy =D

i dont know why i look so happy in this picture..haha

 Nikki - Mira - Nathasya

Playing hide and seek =D

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