Saturday, 19 May 2012


I feel like to post some trashes, can right? of course can, omg my singlish is appearing everywhere! so i decided to post 20 things about myself, 10 bad and 10 good!
So lets start with...the bad one!
1. I always act first, then think, and of course, regretting my action.
2. I'm selfish, Oh yes baby, I am.
3. I get jealous too easily, any kind of jealousy.
4. Introvert
5. I keep my problems within myself.
6. Some people can not believe this, but i am a cry baby. lol
7. I get stressed so easily
8. Sometimes, I take things too easily.
9. Sometimes, I take things too heavily.
10. Always have low self esteem syndrome in crucial moments in my life!

and finally, the good one...
1. I'm funny!
2. Some people say I cheer up the mood
3. I love when I can make other people happy.
4. I'm loyal to those whom i truly love
5. Very persistent, when I want something, I will try my fucking best to get it.
6. A good communicator
7. People who dont really know me, think I'm quite confident.
8. I'm animal lover, and i love to work and do volunteer.
9. I believe in God.
10. I'm charming in my very own way.


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