Saturday, 9 June 2012

throughout my existence , most of the time people rely on me. From the smallest little thing like where to eat when we hang out to big thing, like something related to our assignment. And I do realize, I love controlling things, people and situations. But I also realize, its tiring. Very tiring. Having people rely on you on every single little thing, makes u have to responsible of EVERYTHING. and most of all, if things did not go as planned, you are the one who will be blamed by, sadly those who rely on you. People might say i am a leader, or harshly a bossy person cos everyone listen to me. but you know what? Sometimes, while sitting on the bus, looking to the road outside, once in a while I hope people not rely on me. I hope there will be someone I can rely on, and here you come.
You, are the most reliable person I've ever met. I like the safe feeling I felt when I'm around you. Cant we be together like this for forever?

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