Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Little Thought

Feeling like blogging tonight. It's been a while, isn't it?
During that interval,I've been thinking a lot about many things. About my life and people IN my life, and there comes a point where I started to realize something.
Well, in life, most people want something that don't belong to them, or chase someone who hurt them but in fact, there is always something and someone who is belong and won't hurt them. do you know what I'm trying to say here?
Yes, it is right to fight for something that we want, or to fight for someone that we love but sometimes we don't realize that something that we NEED is already there, or someone who loves us is already there, stood and waiting for us just to come by.
the point that I realized is, in life, we fought a lot, but sometime those fights do not lead us to something that we expect to have or to someone that we wish to be with, but they simply lead us to other thing, to other person that already there and love us.

Well I have been fighting for a long time. Being a tough fighter or even a cry baby, I've been doing it and I feel tired. Well maybe the person who, all this time, I've been fighting for is not the one I've been looking for and I should start to look around my life, and search for him. Search for the one that is waiting for me all this time.

What about you?

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