Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I realized I don't thank God enough in my life.
I can count how many times I said 'thank you' in my prayer. All i do is keep asking for more and more and more and I'm really sorry for that.
I'm not thankful enough of what I have. Not realize how lucky I am to be me and not as any other person.
I kept looking for more. More friends, even though i have the best in the world. More money, even though I have more than enough to live a life. More love, even though I have a lot.
Well, It is wrong not to be thankful, right?
I think the more I'm not being thankful, the more I lose the meaning of life, which is simply... to be happy of what you already have.
I realized, I am trying my best to make new friends, too busy to hang out with all of them, and forget those who always there when I need them. Realized I always ask for more money from my dad, and forget how fortunate I am to receive it. And lastly, realized that I force myself too hard to look for more love, and forget how many people have showered my life with their love.
Being so avid by searching for more, make me forget of what I have, that's why, from now on I will try to look around me and be happy of what I already have.

Toodles ;)

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